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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indonesia Got Naturalization Additional Players

VIVAnews - Ruben Hope Wuarbanaran to strengthen the national team U-23 will soon come true. Indonesian-Dutch descent players are expected to soon join the national team in early February 2011.

This is expressed by the Deputy for Engineering PSSI Faith Arif after attending the second congress in Bali PSSI, Saturday, January 22, 2011. Faith comes with a coach and assistant coach Alfred Riedl, Wolfgang Pikal.

According to Faith, BTN has pocketed permission from Ruben's father, Nicodemus Wuarbanaran a bloody Maluku. Reuben is the only player 'import' enticing selection Riedl at U-23 national team earlier.

"We have received permission from his father and now just waiting for the passport. The target is the beginning of February all was settled," said Faith Arif.

Previous Cristian Gonzalez also release his passport Uruguay and replaced with an Indonesian passport.

When touched on plans BTN menaturalisasi other players, Faith Arif confirmed it. Faith even admitted this time a Dutchman others, Jorge de Kat has arrived in Jakarta.

"We do intend menaturalisasi a few players short and long term so that in the next five years no longer have naturalized players," said Faith.

"His election was in accordance with the requirement, which is really difficult to get from the Indonesian players," he concluded.

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